"Hove resident Toni Tye has.... put together a selection of her vibrant shots in a highly entertaining collection: Brunswick Town BN3, Portrait of an Urban Community.

It's destined to be a little classic, portraying as it does the special nature of Brunswick based around its quirky, resourceful, cheery inhabitants. It's one of those art books that you can guarantee won't stay hidden away on your shelves. Visitors new to the area will seize upon it and love it, and locals will smile as they recognise themselves. 

I have a feeling that Toni's book will become a rarity all too soon" 

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"Ever wondered what it’d be like to live in Brighton? Well, Brunswick, actually. Toni Tye’s photos give you the whole experience: the smells, the colours, the characters, the sights and the buildings. What I love about Toni’s images, is that she's captured everything that's great about the area; everything that is life-affirming. The beautiful views down to the sea, via Brunswick Square, with it's painted frontages like clotted cream; the small observations and the characters you encounter as you meander down the beach and the fab but esplanade by Hove Lawns. Spend time soaking up each image, checking out details, nuances, colours, minutiae, and allow Toni to take you on a trip."   

Tim Pope, Film Director, Spring 2011

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