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25 years ago in ’80, while living in The Midlands, I was invited to shoot stills (for a proposed book on 2 Tone) at the rehearsals & the gigs being filmed for ‘Dance Craze”. I focused mainly on the unique scene, the kids, the skins, the fashions . . . . YOU & some of the bands backstage.

The Body Snatchers, The Selecter, Madness & Bad Manners, shot variously on location at: Hemel Hempstead, Lewisham Odeon, Electric Ballroom, Wembley, Coventry, Aylesbury, Sunderland, Shepperton between February 28th-May 3rd ‘80.

In ’81
some of the shots were published for “Move Realm’s Special TwoTone” from my originals (in my absence whilst I was travelling in West Indies!) Unfortunately, all of the negatives & transparencies were then lost. Only black & white prints & some rough contact sheets survived, packed away until now . . . .

In Jan 2005, the ‘3 Men + Black’ acoustic tour came to my home town of Brighton . . .
where I shared some of my prints with Pauline Black, Rhoda Dakar, Roddy Radiation & some of the fans & was much encouraged to make them available. I have used digital techniques to bring these photos back to life.

Here they are: enjoy the nutty memories . . . .

Toni Tye

photo: R.Hogarth ‘80

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