Three Reunions & a Memorial, 40 Years On from 1968 in San Francisco

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This work is part of a developing theme working with ‘then & now’, exploring identity, memory & the present moment.

I invited a group of friends to contribute:

-  A personal photo from 1968

- A hand written statement responding to my question: “What have you learned?”

I added current casual & portrait photos taken by me at a series of reunions.

A group of male friends from Cleveland, who had migrated west and lived in the hippie scene in San Francisco in '68, gathered (the first meeting occurred on 9/11/01) at 3 reunions culminating in San Francisco 2008. Three of them presented excerpts from their memoirs entitled: ‘A Magician, a Doctor & a Hippie, The '60's in Haight Ashbury' at The Pop Culture of America conference. A memorial was also held this year for one friend and with amazing synchronism, a quote from him exactly asking & answering my question was iced on his memorial cake.

Toni Tye Photography

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